The St. Louis Sinus Center is Recognized
As a National Center of Excellence
Why Choose Us

At the St. Louis Sinus Center, understanding the underlying cause of your sinus or nasal symptom(s) is our number one priority. Typical sinus symptoms include:

  • runny nose
  • congestion
  • post-nasal drip
  • headache
  • fatigue, and 
  • facial pain/pressure. 
For some, these symptoms may be minor, while for others they may be so debilitating that they cause missed time from work, school and/or family activities. Fortunately, we have invested in state-of-the art diagnostic technology, which allows us to effectively determine the underlying cause of most patients’ sinus symptoms. This allows us to develop customized and highly effective treatment plans allowing patients to get better faster.

Our in-office diagnostic tests include nasal endoscopic exams, allergy testing, and low-dose MiniCAT Instant CT scans. These tests gives us information about your nose, allergies and sinuses. These tests help us diagnose what may be causing your symptoms. With our diagnosis, we may recommend allergy treatment, medications, an in-office procedure, surgery or some combination of these. Surgery is reserved for patients for whom medications and allergy therapy have been unsuccessful. Often minimally invasive procedures, such as In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation, are highly effective, offering long-term solutions for many sinusitis patients.

Dr. Gould is an internationally recognized expert, researcher and developer of In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation Techniques.  Balloon Sinus Dilation is highly effective for treating chronic sinusitis, offers a long-term, durable solution for most sinusitis patients and costs much less than traditional sinus surgery.  Dr. Gould and the St. Louis Sinus Center have been recognized as a National Center of Excellence for In-office Balloon Sinus Dilation.  Weekly, surgeons travel from all across the country to the St. Louis Sinus Center to observe Dr. Gould’s techniques. Dr. Gould is passionate about the latest advancements in sinusitis treatment including the REMODEL study and is honored to assist fellow surgeons with their learning.

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