We Have an Innovative Fix for Chronic Rhinitis

Allergies St. Louis, MO Postnasal drip. Sneezing, An itchy nose. Congestion. These common frustrations may be mistaken for allergies. However, allergies are only one reason that these nasal symptoms may develop. Described as chronic rhinitis, excessive mucus secretion, congestion, and other manifestations of inflammation don’t have to disrupt daily activities. If you feel more comfortable having a box of tissue nearby at all times, you may be interested to learn about ClariFix, an innovative in-office treatment that can put an end to chronic rhinitis symptoms.

The ClariFix Solution

ClariFix is a drug-free treatment that utilizes cryotherapy to disrupt the nerve endings in the nose that are involved in symptomatic inflammation. The procedure does not take long. It is conducted after a topical, local anesthetic has been applied to the back of the nose. Under this local anesthetic, the insertion of a small tube through the nostril does not hurt. Because cryotherapy involves the use of very cold temperature, patients may feel a cooling sensation. The nerves from the sinuses and the nose travel through the upper jaw, as well, so a cold sensation may also be felt in the upper molars. However, none of these sensations is painful.

The endoscope that is inserted allows the doctor to visualize the area of inflammation that is causing symptoms. The ClariFix device is then directed toward the inflamed nerves, where it sends cold temperature into the tissue. Cold interrupts the signals these nerves send out, thereby ending the symptoms these nerves caused.

ClariFix is an FDA-cleared technique that we routinely use to improve the symptoms of chronic rhinitis. The procedure takes only a few minutes per nostril. After treatment, slight congestion or localized discomfort may occur. These side effects go away quickly. One treatment is all that is needed to achieve lasting results so you can engage fully in your life.

St. Louis Sinus Center offers innovative treatments that have been clinically studied for safety, efficacy, and comfort. To get help managing the symptoms of allergic or nonallergic chronic rhinitis, schedule a consultation with us. Call 314-582-0888 to speak with a friendly member of our team.

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