Channel 4 KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis Interview

Dr. Gould and his patient Cynthia were guest on Channel 4 KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis Interviewed on-set by host Matt Chambers, Dr. Gould explains what sinusitis is, the symptoms that dramatically effect patients’ quality of life and how In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation may reverse the cycle of sinusitis. Dr. Gould was joined by his […]

KSDK Channel 5 Show Me St. Louis Interview

KSDK Channel 5 Show Me St. Louis Interview Balloon Sinus Dilation is an amazing procedure that is changing the way sinusitis is treated. Dr. Gould’s experience with this exciting procedure grabbed the attention of KSDK Channel 5 Show Me St. Louis. The host came to the St. Louis Sinus Center, interviewed Dr. Gould, filmed a […]

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches often accompany sinusitis.  Sinusitis is a condition in which the membrane lining your sinuses become swollen and inflamed. You may feel pressure around your eyes, cheeks and forehead. However, not every headache is a consequence of a sinusitis. For example, many patients visit an ear, nose, and throat specialists to seek treatment for […]

MaryAnn’s Story

MaryAnn suffered from sinusitis for most of her life. See how Balloon Sinus Dilation reversed her sinusitis cycle… Life With Sinusitis MaryAnn suffered from sinusitis for as long as she could remember. Sinus pressure and loss of smell and taste were the symptoms that plagued her everyday life. As you could imagine, this often left […]

REMODEL – A Landmark Study

Dr. James Gould of the St. Louis Sinus Center is changing the way sinusitis is treated by dramatically and instantly improving lives with an in-office procedure. This innovation in the treatment of debilitating sinusitis symptoms is called XprESS Balloon Sinus Dilation. The non-surgical procedure is so simple and quick it can be done in the […]

Balloon Sinus Dilation Performed LIVE On-Set!

Dr. Gould joined Channel 4 KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis! during a LIVE broadcast, Dr. Gould performed the Balloon Dilation Procedure on a sinus patient! Don suffered from sinusitis for years and experienced congestion daily. He agreed to have the procedure performed on the set during LIVE broadcast to show viewers just how simple, fast and relatively […]

Cynthia’s Story

After suffering from sinusitis for nearly 20 years, Cynthia decided to have In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation. Within 24 hours she was back to work and symptoms were resolved within a week! Cynthia was glad to take action and is enjoying being able to sleep through the night, breathing through her nose and having increased energy! […]

Karen’s Story

Karen suffered from sinusitis for years and is so happy she had Balloon Sinus Dilation. “I would definitely recommend this procedure…it’s life changing!” Life With Sinusitis Sinusitis had a dramatic impact on Karen’s quality of life. Congestion was her major symptom which: Made it difficult for her to breath, especially at night Left her agitation […]

Bud’s Story

Why Bud Chose Balloon Sinus Dilation As a lifelong sufferer of sinusitis, Bud chose Balloon Sinus Dilation. “Without a question, I would wholeheartedly recommend Balloon Sinus Dilation!” In this video, Bud discusses how he suffered from constant sinus headaches, congestion, feeling of pressure in his sinuses and even dizziness. Watch his video and see how […]


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