What Do You Know about Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Snioplasty Minimally invasive sinus procedures are our specialty. Time after time, we hear patients express their surprise at how simple their treatment process was. Their surprise indicates that many people may have misconceptions about endoscopic sinus procedures and Balloon Sinuplasty. We’ll clear those up here.

  1. No packing is needed. People who have had traditional sinus surgery often remember post-surgical packing more than any other aspect of their procedure. This explains how uncomfortable packing can be. Due to the technique employed for Balloon Sinuplasty, patients rarely need to have their nasal passages packed with gauze.
  2. Downtime after Balloon Sinuplasty is limited to about two days, whereas patients undergoing traditional sinus surgery may need to schedule a few weeks off work.
  3. Minimally-invasive sinuplasty is highly effective. A recent analysis of 45 individual studies found that 77% to 97% of patients achieved significant improvements from Balloon Sinuplasty. Revision procedures are typically related to the regrowth of nasal polyps, and this tends to be necessary in only about 20% of cases.
  4. Balloon Sinuplasty typically does not cause external side effects like bruising.
  5. More insurance companies now extend coverage for Balloon Sinuplasty than in previous years. Pre-authorization may be required by some providers.
  6. Balloon Sinuplasty is safe and effective. More than 35,000 procedures have been performed to date.
  7. Patients tolerate Balloon Sinuplasty much better than they anticipate. The idea of an in-office sinus procedure can be intimidating. However, a recent study indicated that 82% of patients reported their procedure to be tolerable or highly tolerable. Only 15% of patients reported the procedure as somewhat tolerable. The sensation described by patients is pressure, though, not pain.

Balloon Sinuplasty can effectively treat chronic sinusitis in many patients. However, some people would be better served by traditional sinus surgery. For example, folks with large nasal polyps or a deviated septum are likely to achieve better and longer-lasting results from sinus surgery that is conducted in a surgical facility under general anesthesia.

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