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St. Louis Sinus Center | MiniCAT Instant CT Scanner

Another area where the St. Louis Sinus Center has invested in advanced technology is with the introduction of the MiniCAT Instant CT Scanner at both St. Louis and Festus locations. In fact, the St. Louis Sinus Center was the first practice in Missouri to incorporate the MiniCAT Instant CT Scanner into the office.

The MiniCAT is used when we need to examine the sinuses beyond what we can see with the nasal endoscope.

The MiniCAT creates quality images of the sinuses in 20-40 seconds while the patient is sitting upright, comfortably, in an open chair. This makes it easy for even children to be scanned. It is a low dose CT scanner, with only 10% of the radiation dosage of a full CT scanner.

Since the MiniCAT is in our offices, patients can have the CT scan taken and reviewed during their initial office visit with Dr. Gould. There is no need to schedule a separate appointment to have your scan or to have your results reviewed. Dr. Gould can show you a detailed picture of your sinuses while explaining your condition. At this point, a treatment plan can be agreed upon right away so the patient can get on the road to a faster recovery.

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