What’s the First Step in Treatment?

St. Louis Sinus Center | Dr. James Gould


The St. Louis Sinus Center is a firm believer that in order to facilitate successful treatments, an accurate diagnosis is needed first. Too often, treatments are initiated without really knowing the cause of the patient’s symptoms. Treating the symptoms alone may alleviate them temporarily, but the symptoms will often return, over and over again.

A successful diagnosis includes a careful review of each patient’s medical history and symptoms, and, if needed, diagnostic testing. The St. Louis Sinus Center offers a variety of important in-office diagnostic tests. These include nasal endoscopy, low-dose MiniCAT Instant CT Scan, and allergy testing.

The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made, the sooner we can initiate a treatment plan tailored for you. This allows us to correctly treat your problems right away and it can save you the time and expense of going to multiple places to have tests performed and taking medications that may not help. We are committed to your success.

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