Do You Understand What’s Happening with Your Sinuses?

Sinus symptoms are quite common. They are among the top ten diagnoses made by primary care physicians. Regardless, many people don’t understand what is happening with their sinuses when symptoms do occur, nor how they need to be handled. Here, we’ll discuss some common questions that should be considered. Do sinus symptoms always indicate infection? […]

Are Enlarged Turbinates to Blame for that Chronically Stuffy Nose?

Feeling stuffy all the time is just a drag. Is it allergies? A cold? Or could it be something structural that needs to be addressed? Sometimes, that is exactly the case. Chronic nasal obstruction could be the result of what we call enlarged turbinates. The hypertrophy of this part of the nasal passage can make […]

Balloon Sinuplasty May be the Magic You’ve Been Hoping For

An occasional sinus infection is an annoyance. For those who suffer chronic sinus infections several times a year, it can feel difficult to engage in seemingly minor activities. The sinuses are relatively sensitive. Infection here can cause tenderness around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead. It can be difficult to breathe well due to congestion. […]

What is Sublingual Immunotherapy and Who Can Benefit?

Allergy symptoms are often managed with over-the-counter medication. However, this approach does not achieve the best results for every person. When medication does not sufficiently control allergy symptoms, a specialist may recommend immunotherapy. Historically, immunotherapy has been referred to as allergy shots. It is important to recognize the value of sublingual immunotherapy as well. Given […]

Do I have Chronic Sinusitis?

Sinus problems can occur for several reasons. When the sinuses present symptoms more often than not, though, we may diagnose a person with chronic sinusitis. Because this term has become more familiar in recent years, many patients ask us if they have chronic sinusitis at their very first visit. It is also one of the […]

Could Balloon Sinus Dilation Put an End to Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a troubling condition that affects millions of people. A step up from snoring, OSA is characterized by pauses in respiration. A person with this condition may snore very loudly for a time, then go silent. The pause in breathing can last several seconds and may occur up to dozens of […]

Are Your Symptoms a Sign of Nasal Polyps?

Spring is upon us and there are so many flowers in bloom, most of us are not surprised by their fragrance in the air. If you can’t seem to smell the rejuvenation of Springtime, it could be that your nasal passages are obstructed by polyps. Nasal polyps are small grape-shaped growths that not only dampen […]

Snoring | St. Louis sinus center

When Someone You Love Snores

Snoring is one of the most common sleep habits we hear about today. On television and in movies, the habit is often portrayed as comical or annoying. We can see this attitude about snoring translated into real-life situations. To perceive snoring as nothing more than a funny or frustrating situation could be a mistake. Snoring […]

Balloon Sinuplasty: Here’s What You Need to Know

Balloon sinuplasty is a beneficial procedure that can help people snore less and breathe easier. The in-office treatment has been well-studied through the years, providing us with clear answers to patient’s common questions. Here, we answer the questions that stem from misinformation and that many are afraid to ask. Is the balloon left in the […]

Balloon Snioplasty

What Do You Know about Balloon Sinuplasty?

Minimally invasive sinus procedures are our specialty. Time after time, we hear patients express their surprise at how simple their treatment process was. Their surprise indicates that many people may have misconceptions about endoscopic sinus procedures and Balloon Sinuplasty. We’ll clear those up here.   1. No packing is needed. People who have had traditional […]


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