Nasal Endoscopy in St. Louis, MO

The first step in achieving a diagnosis is a careful review of each patient’s medical history and symptoms. When more information is needed, a diagnostic instrument called “nasal endoscope” is used and the procedure performed is called “nasal endoscopy.”

doctor in white coat peering into nasal inspection device with back of patient's head visible in the foreground

What Is A Nasal Endoscope?

A nasal endoscope is a camera with a thin fiberoptic light and magnification attached.

What Are The Advantages Of A Nasal Endoscopy?

A nasal endoscopy provides superior visualization, optimizing our ability to evaluate the causes of your symptoms: Is it infectious? Could there be an allergic component? Is it inflammation? Is there anatomic obstruction, masses, polyps, etc.? Using an endoscope eliminates guesswork, allowing us to provide an accurate diagnosis and expedite your healing!

How Is A Nasal Endoscopy Procedure Performed?

During a nasal endoscopy, the instrument gently passes through the nostril and provides a detailed look at the nasal anatomy, central airway, and posterior (further back) aspects of the nose and nostrils.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“I made a consultation here finally after years of sinus and allergy problems. Dr. Gould and his staff knew exactly the treatment I needed and what to do to prevent future problems. I had to have surgery, and as this was my first surgery, Dr. Gould and his staff made me feel at ease and answered any and all questions I had. I highly recommend this office and wish I made an appointment sooner!” -David R.

How Long Does A Nasal Endoscopy Take?

This process takes less than thirty (30) seconds.

Is A Nasal Endoscopy Painful?

It may be slightly uncomfortable but is not painful.

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