Tired Of Having Allergy Symptoms?


Allergy Symptoms, such as sneezing, stuffiness or congestion, itchy and/or swollen eyes and irritated skin, can strike seasonally or year-round. If you’re affected by allergy symptoms due to pollens, molds, dust, or animal dander, our team of professional allergists will develop your individual treatment plan based on your specific allergies. Our personal allergy treatment plans are safe, easy and provide significant relief from allergy symptoms.

Sophisticated Allergy Treatments

Immunotherapy is a form of allergy treatment which involves administering tiny amounts of allergen or allergens affecting you. This form of allergy treatment allows for the gradual reduction of allergy symptoms. Our team of skilled allergists will advise you on all appropriate allergy relief treatment options, which may include injection immunotherapy or sublingual allergy drops.

Allergy Drops – Simple, Convenient Allergy Therapy

Sublingual allergy drops are a form of immunotherapy allergy treatment administered under the tongue. Because allergy drops can be taken at home, they provide a convenient injection-free alternative for allergy immunotherapy. And since allergy drops from St. Louis Sinus Center mean no shots and fewer doctor visits, they are a great option for kids and adults with busy schedules.

Get Quality Adult and Pediatric Allergy Treatment

  • Fewer office visits
  • Fewer absences from work or school
  • Freedom from painful shots
  • Low occurrence of side effects

Don’t Wait to Get the Allergy Treatment You Deserve!

Easy allergy treatment plans for St. Louis and Festus allergy sufferers. Consult our professional allergy care team to learn more about sophisticated treatment for Missouri allergy patients at St. Louis Sinus Center.

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