Allergy Testing

Allergy symptoms are often similar to and/or coincide with other medical conditions. For this reason, it is imperative to have an accurate diagnosis so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be initiated.

The St. Louis Sinus Center undergoes thorough steps to establish a diagnosis, which includes:

  • Gathering your detailed medical history.
  • Performing a thorough examination of your ears, nose, throat and head.
  • Conducting an Endoscopy to determine if infection and/or structural abnormalities (deviated septum or polyps) are contributing to your symptoms.
  • Completing an allergy test to confirm allergies and measure severity.

Two types of allergy tests:

  1. Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT) or Skin Prick Testing – This is the most common type of allergy test and is performed at the St. Louis Sinus Center. With skin testing, we expose your skin to a variety of allergens and then observe for a reaction. Based on this test, we can rule in/out allergies, determine which specific allergen is the cause and measure the severity levels of each. The results from this test are vital to providing a customized treatment plan.
skin prick testing st. louis
allergy testing st. louis
  1. ImmunoCAP Testing – As an alternative to MQT, ImmunoCAP is a simple blood test which measures sensitivities

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