What You Should Know about Balloon Sinuplasty

istock 673337824 1 Balloon sinus dilation is a beneficial treatment that can help you breathe more easily. However, if you’re unsure what happens during or after this non-surgical procedure, you may put off seeing a sinus specialist. Here, we discuss what you should know.

You most likely will not need to have your nose packed.
One of the reasons people avoid sinus procedures that could benefit them is because they assume they will be loaded up with packing. This used to be the norm and people who experienced packing have remembered the discomfort even years later. The problem with that is they tell people how bad it will be for them, not knowing that advances in treatment techniques have significantly reduced the need for packing. Before ruling out a procedure like balloon sinus dilation, talk to a sinus specialist who regularly performs this technique.

The recovery time from balloon sinus dilation is short.

Another reason people put off seeing a sinus specialist is that they think they will need more time than they have available to recover from treatment. Unless you perform very strenuous work, you can expect to be back to your normal routine in a day or two. In most cases, patients don’t even bruise as a result of their procedure.

The procedure is very tolerable.

Having a sinus procedure sounds painful, we know. At least if you were to have a traditional surgical procedure, you would be under general anesthesia, right? Here is what you need to know about the in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure: you get a local anesthetic. The doctor makes every effort to ensure comfort. According to studies, 82% of patients described the treatment as highly tolerable or tolerable. 15% described it as somewhat tolerable. More than pain, patients say they feel pressure during the procedure.

Balloon sinuplasty is safe and effective.

Rightfully so, people worry that a procedure may have inherent risks. Most do. However, that does not make them unsafe. More than 35,000 balloon sinuplasty procedures have been performed and no serious complications have been reported. The vast majority of patients experience significant improvements that enhance their quality of life.

Are subsequent treatments necessary?

This is a good question that is difficult to answer because every case is unique. If you are considering balloon sinus dilation and are a good candidate, you should know that 15 to 20% of cases require subsequent treatment, usually because of a regrowth of nasal polyps.

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