What Can I Do about Sinus Pain?

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If you often experience headaches or pressure in the sinuses (felt on the forehead or the cheeks) on a regular basis, you may wonder if you have allergies or another problem. The most common reason that explains these symptoms is that an infection has developed in the sinus passages. Sinus infections and the pain they bring can be very uncomfortable. The symptoms can feel distressing when they seem to occur every few months, or even more frequently. If you experience sinus pressure and pain more than you’d like, know that you have treatment options beyond drugstore remedies. Here, we discuss a few ways that people deal with sinus infections and get back to a more comfortable state.

Home Remedies

Until you can see a sinus specialist for your frequency symptoms, you can turn to a few different remedies. Because sinus pressure is related to a buildup of mucus and swelling in the sinus membranes, heat can help. One way to use heat to your advantage is to drink warm beverages and eat soups to help break up mucus. Don’t stop with warm beverages. Drink plenty of room temperature water, as well, to dilute the thick mucus that is in the sinuses. For more significant pain, you can apply warm compresses to the area. Some people lay a warm, moist towel over the entire face to help alleviate the discomfort of sinusitis. Another way to break up mucus is to take a hot shower or safely place your face over a pot of hot, steaming water. Sometimes, these remedies alone can do a lot to get to the other side of a sinus infection. The thing is, you don’t want to have to do them several times a year. If sinus infections continue to occur or symptoms persist for more than a few days, see a sinus specialist. 

Clinical Treatment for Sinusitis

Many people hesitate to see a doctor for persistent symptoms because they fear they will have to commit to treatment. At the St. Louis Sinus Center, our objective is to inform you regarding your sinus health. A thorough consultation and brief examination can provide the doctor with the pertinent information to reach an accurate diagnosis. Once it is understood that pain and other symptoms are caused by chronic sinusitis rather than allergies or other conditions, the door is opened for a path forward. 

Chronic sinusitis might be managed with home remedies and medications such as Amoxicillin, but better results may come from balloon sinus dilation. This innovative procedure has helped a lot of people avoid sinus surgery, the previous clinical treatment that had been the norm for treating sinusitis. Balloon sinus dilation is performed in the office without any incisions. The use of local anesthetic makes the brief treatment very comfortable and, as soon as it is done, patients are breathing easier. To reduce the effects of chronic sinusitis, the doctor inserts a narrow flexible tube into the nose. A small balloon is attached to the end. When progressed to the opening of the sinuses where swelling is common, the balloon is inflated to compress tissue. When the balloon is deflated and removed, the tissue remains compressed for some time. Approximately 94% of patients who undergo balloon sinus dilation achieve outstanding relief that lasts many years. Most patients do not require subsequent treatment. 

St. Louis Sinus Center is a premier sinus treatment center serving patients in St. Louis and Festus, MO. Our team has helped many patients find relief from their sinus problems. From medications to therapeutic treatments, we work with every patient individually to find treatments that will be most successful. If you are suffering from recurring infections and sinus pain, St. Louis Sinus Center could be the place for you to finally move beyond these frustrating symptoms.

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