Is Immunotherapy the Answer to Allergies?

immunotherapy Immunotherapy has been hailed as an effective strategy for allergy sufferers who wish to end their suffering once and for all. Although it does take time and ongoing therapy, ultimately, it can help activate your immune system, lessen the intensity of your allergic reactions and need for medication, and increase your quality of life.

Learn how immunotherapy can help you conquer your allergies below.

How the Immune System Responds to Allergens

When you suffer from allergies, your immune system has antibodies that falsely label harmless substances (such as dust or pollen) as potentially dangerous. When you come into contact with these substances, your immune system may overreact and attack the allergens.

Some symptoms that may result from exposure to these allergens include wheezing, hives, a runny nose, watery eyes, and general discomfort.

An overactive immune system that causes allergic reactions to substances that pose no threat to the body is thought to be at the root of allergies. Immunotherapy aims to treat this disorder by rehabilitating the body’s immune system to perform regular responses to harmless substances.

What Is Immunotherapy for Allergies?

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for allergies that treats the cause of allergies and not just the symptoms.

Treatment involves administering tiny doses of the allergen (through injections or drops) to boost the immune system without triggering a full-blown allergic response. As your immune system builds tolerance to the allergen, your symptoms should lessen.

Both immunotherapy allergen shots and drops are cutting-edge approaches to treating allergies, and they have been shown to be successful in many patients.

Discover Effective Immunotherapy for Allergies in St. Louis, MO

The St. Louis Sinus Center offers all that is required for a complete examination and comprehensive treatment plan for allergy sufferers – often in the span of just one visit. This treatment plan may include an ENT examination, testing for allergies, and consultation for immunotherapy.

James D. Gould, MD, FACS, developed the St. Louis Sinus Center in 2011 to give patients in the Midwest the finest available sinus treatment in one accessible location. As an internationally recognized expert and researcher in his field, Dr. Gould has developed innovative sinus treatments that have helped many people in St. Louis get much-needed relief from their symptoms.

If you are interested in overcoming your allergies for good, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gould by calling (314) 450-7720.

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