Surgical Treatment for Septal Deviation in St. Louis, MO

If medications don’t work to help ease symptoms, Dr. Gould can perform a procedure called a septoplasty.


Septoplasty, or septal reconstruction, is a procedure meant to straighten the deviated cartilage within the septum. It is performed as an outpatient procedure and takes approximately 25 – 45 minutes. Septoplasty is performed entirely through the nose, and leave no external scars or bruising after the surgery.

How Many Septal Deviation Surgical Treatments are Usually Needed?

The septoplasty procedure is a reconstructive surgery that reshapes the internal nasal structure so you can breathe more easily. It is intended to work the first time you have it done. That said, the degree of improvement after this procedure can vary from one person to another. If you have had surgery to correct a septal deviation and you continue to experience more symptoms than you are comfortable with, you may be a good candidate for a repeat septoplasty. Your experienced sinus specialist can discuss whether or not you have sufficient cartilage to support a second procedure. If you do not, they may discuss other options that would be better suited to your needs.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Having a septoplasty procedure does not hurt. Your doctor will administer a local anesthetic or general anesthesia so that you can remain comfortable during the entire treatment. After your surgery to correct a deviated septum, you can expect some discomfort and a feeling of congestion for a short time. Initially, this is due to the need for "packing" in your nose. After the packing is removed, swelling can make it somewhat difficult to breathe through your nose. This side effect can be frustrating but is not painful. For a few days after your procedure, you will take a prescription painkiller to address normal post-surgical discomfort. Your doctor may also discuss other strategies you can employ to support optimal comfort.

Is Recovery Time Needed After My Septal Deviation Surgical Treatment?

It can take up to a few months to completely heal after having septoplasty for septal deviation. That said, you may be sufficiently recovered after five to seven days to return to work. This is provided that your job is not physically demanding. In order to allow the nose to heal as optimally as possible and avoid excessive bleeding or swelling, it is necessary to limit physical activity for several weeks.

Are the Results from the Treatment Permanent?

There is a slight chance that your septal deviation may relapse to some degree during the first year after your septoplasty. This might sound alarming in and of itself, but keep in mind that surgery for a deviated septum is largely successful in the vast majority of patients. Even if the septal cartilage starts to become misshapen within the 12 months after surgery, it usually does not completely revert back to its previous position.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Septal Deviation Surgical Treatment?

All surgeries come with some risks. For the septoplasty procedure, the primary risks include bleeding and infection. If you keep your nose and face clean, refrain from touching your face often, and wash your hands frequently during your recovery period, these risks are kept to a minimum. There is also a chance that your septoplasty results will not be as satisfying as you had wished. It may be possible to address this with a second septoplasty performed by an experienced surgeon.

Recovery Time

Patients generally need to remain home from work for five to seven days after the surgery. For patients who work from home or do mostly deskwork, it is normal to return to work within three or four days.


Patients usually notice a significant improvement in their breathing after surgery. Symptoms such as snoring, chronic nosebleeds, and headaches are significantly reduced.

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