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A nasal endoscope is a camera with a thin fiberoptic light and magnification attached. During a sinus surgery or procedure, this instrument is used to provide a detailed look at the nasal anatomy, central airway and posterior (further back) aspects of the nasal and sinus passage. A nasal endoscopy allows physicians to safely and effectively apply necessary surgical techniques.

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Image guidance is another tool to further assist during a sinus procedure. Image guidance is found in nearly every hospital and surgery center in the country and is similar to GPS in our cars.

It works in conjunction with a patient’s CT scan to provide precise locations or mapping of the nasal and sinus cavity. Since every patient’s anatomy is unique, image guidance removes the guesswork as it pertains to anatomy location, allowing the physicians to provide optimal care.

The St. Louis Sinus Center was the first practice in the region to bring Fiagon Image Guidance to the office. Having this cutting-edge care on-site, allows us to provide sinus procedures in the office versus having to go to the surgery center or hospital. This is not only convenient, but provides a quicker recover time – allowing patients to get back to enjoying life!

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