Is ClariFix the Fix Your Sinuses Need?

copy of istock 507375532 Sinus symptoms can be frustrating, especially when they occur on a regular basis. If symptoms like post nasal drip, congestion, and a runny nose are your norm, you may frequently explore options for fixing the problem. Here, we discuss how ClariFix might be the fix you’ve been looking for. 

What Is Chronic Rhinitis?

The symptoms we described are common among people with chronic rhinitis. This condition occurs when the nasal mucosa is inflamed. Inflammation causes excessive mucus secretion, nasal itching, congestion, and sneezing. Chronic rhinitis could be related to allergies but this isn’t always the case, which can make the problem more confusing than it needs to be. At St. Louis Sinus Center, we try to clear up the confusion related to chronic sinus symptoms. Once we understand the cause of symptoms, we can identify how to fix them. 

What Is ClariFix?

ClariFix is a safe, proven procedure that a sinus specialist performs in the office in just a few minutes. During the brief treatment, the doctor uses a small probe to freeze a small area of inflammation at the back of the nose. The procedure does not hurt because a local anesthetic is sprayed into the nose before treatment begins. The endoscope used to administer treatment is a very thin tube that fits comfortably into the nose. Because the endoscope has a camera on the tip, the doctor can observe the precise location where cryotherapy will be most effective. The cryotherapy technique relieves inflammation and can thus reduce symptoms. Some patients need ClariFix in only one nostril, some need both nostrils treated to achieve the best results. Some of the benefits of the ClariFix procedure include:

  • Minimally-invasive treatment is short and comfortable.
  • Clinically-proven results.
  • ClariFix is designed as a one-time treatment.
  • Symptom relief is long-lasting in 4 out of 5 patients. 

ClariFix has demonstrated safety and efficiency in clinical trials. This procedure doesn’t require any downtime. Patients may notice a slight increase in symptoms for a short time but, as the inflammation decreases, these should be significantly reduced. The need for sinus medication may decline along with this reduction in symptoms. 

To learn more about our ClariFix treatment for Chronic Rhinitis, please call 314-450-7720 to schedule a consultation with our experienced team at our office’s in St. Louis and Festus, MO.

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