These Things Could be Affecting Your Sinus Health

istock 667719350 1 Millions of Americans are affected by sinusitis, a condition that causes stuffiness, excess mucus, and facial pain around the cheeks and eyes. If you’re one of the many people for whom these symptoms are common, you may find yourself frequently uncomfortable and searching for answers. At St. Louis Sinus Center, we routinely consult with patients about their sinus symptoms and how to improve sinus health. Dr. Gould often performs balloon sinuplasty to achieve lasting improvements in patients who have suffered for years with sinus problems. Here, we discuss a few things that could affect sinus health so you can try out strategies to support better comfort. 


Most people realize that the body carries a high percentage of water content. Numerous biological functions rely on adequate hydration to run smoothly. When we do not drink enough water, mucus secretions can become somewhat sticky, making it difficult for the sinuses to drain adequately and easily. To avoid problems associated with dehydration, we are told to drink half our body weight in ounces of water every day. It is also beneficial to consume fruits and vegetables that are high in water. Examples include apples, celery, and cucumbers. 

Dry Air

Dehydration affects the sinuses from the inside, while dry air affects the entire nasal passageway from the outside. To combat a dry environment, it is helpful to use a humidifier. In a pinch, it can help the sinuses to take a hot shower to loosen up sticky mucus. If a humidifier is used, humidity should measure no more than 45%. Too much could make the sinuses worse. 

Address the Issue of Mold

A humid environment is inviting to mold, which is why it is important to use a humidifier carefully. In many parts of the country, mold is a tricky issue that needs to be considered and properly addressed. Areas in which mold commonly forms include around windows and sinks, near the water heater, and in showers. According to surveys, mold is a leading cause of sinus problems. 

If sinus problems persist despite strategies to reduce inflammation and irritation, schedule an appointment with a sinus specialist. Call 314-450-7720 to arrange an appointment at our St. Louis or Festus location. 

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