Foods That Can Make Your Sinus Problems Worse

Various types of dairy products

We do everything we can to ensure our sinuses stay in great shape. Taking allergy medication and avoiding irritants are at the top of everyone’s list of tackling sinus issues. Unfortunately, many people still experience the frustration that comes with lingering sinus issues. If you’re at your wit’s end about what to do, there may be a hidden factor contributing to your sinus woes. Several foods can make your sinus issues worse. Here are things you may need to consider removing from your diet to help get relief from sinus issues.

Dairy Products

Many people love healthy doses of cheese and milk as part of their diet. While many of our favorite dishes contain milk or cheese, they may add to your sinus troubles. Some studies show that dairy products have properties that cause your body to produce excess mucus, creating a stuffy, congested nose and making you miserable. Many dairy products are also catalysts for microbial growth, which can lead to chronic sinus infections. 

Some foods you may want to reduce in your diet can include:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream
  • Butter

Sugary Foods

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Although many of us work hard to keep our sweet tooth under control, it can be challenging to do so. However, high-sugar foods are unsuitable for long-term health, and sweets can worsen your sinus problems. Foods that contain refined sugars, such as candy, soda, chocolate, and baked goods, can cause your body to become inflamed and produce excess mucus, which can be crucial factors in your sinus health. Sweet treats are ok to enjoy once in a while, but consistently having them can adversely affect you.

Alcoholic Beverages

Although some people enjoy an acholic beverage to unwind, it can be problematic for those with sinus issues. Some alcoholic drinks, like wine, contain histamines that can swell your sinuses. When this happens, it can trigger the stuffiness that can frustrate you. 

If you suffer from chronic sinus problems, our office is happy to help. Saint Louis Sinus Center offers many treatment options to help you get relief from the stuffiness and congestion that can make you miserable. We have innovative strategies to help you get the comfort you need and restore your quality of life. To find what may work best for you, please schedule a consultation with our office by calling us today at 314-450-7720.

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