Do I Need To Carry an EpiPen?

Woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg
Woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg

Allergies can be a disruptive force in the lives of many people. Over-the-counter medications can help many allergy sufferers deal with their symptoms. Although allergies can be an uncomfortable inconvenience to many, for some people, allergies can represent much more. Many people suddenly find themselves in grave danger if they come into contact with unknown allergens. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to consider getting an Epipen. If you’re wondering if you may need an Epipen to survive surprise emergencies, here are a few factors you can consider as you weigh your options.

Skin Reactions

An Epipen is an essential life-saving tool that helps deal with severe allergic reactions. One of the first signs that you may have a severe allergic reaction to something is if you suddenly develop rashes or hives. Experiencing hives or a rash on your skin is often extremely itchy and can be a precursor of more symptoms to follow. Another reaction that many severe allergy sufferers endure is swelling of the eyes. If this happens, if you come in contact with allergens, it could be a sign that you may be headed for trouble, and you may need to have an EpiPen handy to keep the situation from worsening.

Difficulty Breathing

Another sign that you have severe allergies is difficulty breathing. For some people, coming into contact with allergens can make breathing difficult. It can sometimes be so severe that some people stop breathing altogether, creating a life-threatening situation.

Accidental Exposure

Unfortunately, most people with severe allergies don’t realize they need an EpiPen unless they experience dangerous symptoms by surprise. People with severe allergies can suddenly find themselves in a medical emergency for many reasons, some of which can include

  • Bug bites or stings
  • Wheat exposure
  • Nuts
  • Trees
  • Seafood

While avoiding allergens is usually the best way to reduce your risk, it is only practical in some situations. This can make it necessary for you to carry an EpiPen. If you’re worried about exposure to life-threatening allergens and need advice about getting an EpiPen, please consult our experienced team at Saint Louis Sinus Center. Please schedule a consultation with one of our locations by calling us today at 314-582-0888.

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