Getting Peace of Mind From Pollen

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As we rapidly approach the springtime, we all eagerly look forward to the end of frigid temperatures. Spring is the time of year when all of nature returns to vibrance, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. While spring typically means that birds, flowers, and bees spring to life, it usually also means that pollen is set to return. Although pollen is crucial in helping vegetation grow, it can also be nightmare material for many people during the spring. While it’s difficult to avoid pollen, you can take steps to lessen its impact.

Here are a few tools to help you get through the pollen-heavy months.

Check the Pollen Count

One of the best ways for you to plan your day regarding pollen is to check the local allergy forecast. The allergy forecast can make you aware of common pests you may be allergic to and help you adjust. Some days may bring higher pollen counts than others and can make it a challenge to leave home.

Stay Indoors on Windy Days

Along with the allergen forecast, it’s also crucial for you to be mindful of wind patterns. The wind plays an essential role in carrying pollen around to plants to help them flourish, which is excellent for them but a nuisance to people. If you see that high winds are likely before heading out for the day, try not to schedule outdoor activities. If you can’t avoid spending time outdoors, try your best to limit your exposure to the wind and reduce your chances of prolonged exposure to pollen.

Limit Yard Work

Although you may be tempted to start growing a vegetable garden or re-sod the front yard, it may be best to wait until pollen levels calm down. Doing yard work such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and pulling weeds can stir allergens up and make you miserable. If you can help it, try to put off heavy-duty yard work until allergens slow down.

Adjusting to Pollen

Pollen is essential to maintaining plant life, but it can lead you through many uncomfortable symptoms. While it’s difficult to avoid pollen, taking a few precautions can help reduce its impact.

The team at the Saint Louis Sinus Center specializes in innovative strategies to help you deal with allergies and treat the discomfort that pollen can bring. The first step in learning how we can help is to schedule a consultation with our office. Please call us today at 314-450-7720.

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