Common Symptoms of Enlarged Turbinates

Enlarged Turbinates Spring is coming, but it is not equally enjoyable for everyone. If you have enlarged turbinates, this allergy season could be even tougher than normal. Here are some common symptoms of this condition and what they might mean for you.

What Are Enlarged Turbinates?

As you inhale through your nose, the air travels through a series of passageways called the nasal turbinates or conchae. Traveling via this route ensures air enters your body at an optimal temperature and moisture level.

Usually, the turbinates have a long, thinned-out shape. However, some of these passageways can become enlarged for various reasons. Swelling may affect the bone or the soft tissue, and it results in a condition called enlarged turbinates or turbinate hypertrophy.

Common Symptoms of Enlarged Turbinates

As you may have assumed, enlarged turbinates can result in airflow blockages in the nose. As a result, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Trouble breathing nasally: This is the most common problem, and it can significantly lower your quality of life.
  • Sense of smell alterations: You may experience smells differently or lose your sense of smell altogether.
  • Pressure or pain: Some people notice uncomfortable sensations in their foreheads and other areas of their faces.
  • Ongoing congestion or runny nose: You may have to deal with persistent breathing issues similar to having a cold.
  • Dry mouth: This typically happens when you wake up. If you cannot breathe nasally at night, you will end up sleeping with your mouth open.

Dealing With Enlarged Turbinate Symptoms

Enlarged turbinate symptoms vary in cause and severity. For instance, seasonal allergies, chronically inflamed sinuses, and exposure to irritants in your environment can all cause or worsen turbinate hypertrophy.

If you have enlarged turbinates, you will need to talk to our doctor to find a treatment that will work for you. There are many options, including using allergen-fighting air filters, taking or changing medications, and undergoing surgery. Making the right choice will improve your odds of a favorable outcome.

Learn More About Your Enlarged Turbinate Symptoms at the St. Louis Sinus Center

Your turbinates may be small, but they can cause major issues when they become enlarged. If you are dealing with this situation, talk to Dr. James D. Gould at the St. Louis Sinus Center. Book your consultation today by calling 314-582-0888.

Dr. Gould is fully committed to understanding his patient’s needs. As a board-certified Otolaryngologist and an internationally recognized pioneer, expert, and researcher, you can trust that you will receive the best possible care at every stage of the process. Contact our St. Louis, MO, office now for the relief you need.

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