Signs of Nasal Valve Collapse and Available Treatment Options

download If you feel like your nose is always stuffy or have trouble consistently breathing through your nose, that could be an issue that merits a visit to the doctor. In particular, you might be suffering from a nasal valve collapse.

This is one of several nasal conditions that can reduce breathing, complicate sleep, and lower your overall quality of life. Thankfully, our team at St. Louis Sinus Center can help.

What Is Nasal Valve Collapse?

Your nose has two valves in each nostril that help control the flow of air. When you breathe in, they open to let air in, but between breaths, they close to reduce the flow of air. This helps your nasal passages warm and filter incoming air.

It is possible for either of these valves to collapse. When that happens, they can fully or partially block the flow of air through your nose. This can make breathing difficult, cause snoring, and even create cosmetic issues.

Signs of a Collapse

There are a few symptoms that you may experience if you suffer from a nasal valve collapse. These include the following:

  • Persistent feelings of stuffiness
  • Inability to breathe fully
  • Limited relief when using breathing strips
  • An appearance change in the lower nose

While these signs can indicate a problem, you ultimately need a doctor to diagnose valve collapse. These symptoms can stem from similar but distinct issues.

It is also worth noting that valve collapse can impact one or both nostrils.

Treatments for a Nasal Valve Collapse

When your nasal valve collapse is properly diagnosed, there are a few viable treatment options. The treatment recommendations will depend on the specifics of your valve collapse and how it manifests.

The most common treatments involve outpatient surgery. These surgeries are minor, and they treat the root cause of valve collapse. Surgeries could involve a graft that repairs a damaged nasal valve. Other surgeries that are available to help use implants to hold the passage open or correct structural issues through septoplasty or rhinoplasty. In some cases, non-surgical interventions can be used. These methods typically involve the use of dilators, like breathing strips. These help hold the nose open and can treat minor cases.

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