Medical Treatment for Sinus Polyps in St. Louis, MO

Although we don't know exactly why and how sinus polyps form, we do know they are associated with inflammation, allergies and often asthma. Medications aimed at reducing inflammation can help reduce the size of polyps, thus improving sinus and nasal symptoms.

Saline Irrigation Sprays - Using an over the counter saline spray or irrigation system regularly will cleanse and moisten the sinuses.

Nasal Steroid Sprays - These reduce the inflammatory response and are the preferred treatment to reduce the size of nasal polyps in addition to decreasing nasal congestion.

Oral Steroids - If nasal steroid sprays are not effective, it may be necessary to take oral steroids. These greatly reduce the size of polyps usually within the first few days. Steroids will not make your polyps go away but will help bring them under control.

Allergy Treatment - If you have allergies, antihistamines, other allergy medications and immunotherapy (allergy shots or drops) may be required as well.

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