Nasal Valve Collapse

What Is Nasal Valve Collapse?

Nasal valve collapse (NVC) is one of the most common causes of nasal obstruction and occurs as a result of weak lateral cartilage collapsing inward when a person inhales.

Common symptoms include:

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Pronounced difficulty in breathing inward from the nose
  • Snoring

Patients with nasal valve collapse may have a difficult time breathing during physical activities, as though they have a clothespin on their nostrils. Keep in mind, some NVC is expected during strenuous activities, but significant obstruction shouldn’t occur. These symptoms certainly make physical activities more difficult while for others, it may prevent them from participating all together!

Patients may also find it especially hard to breathe while lying down, which creates a tendency to breathe through their mouth. This could result in snoring and poor sleep quality, which has further implications. Often these patients seek out remedies such as BREATHE RIGHT® nasal strips for relief, but the source of the problem remains.


An accurate diagnosis is key to providing effective treatment plan for NVC. These steps include:

  • A careful review of a patient’s medical history and symptoms
  • A nasal endoscopy – to rule out other conditions which could be associated with the same symptoms
  • Conduct a Cottle Maneuver – a test in which the cheek is gently pulled laterally with one or two fingers to open the valve. This test is used to determine if the most significant site of nasal obstruction is the valve or farther inside the nasal cavity.




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